China Geosynthetic Material Manufacture
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China Geosynthetic Material Manufacture

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China Geosynthetic Material Manufacture

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China Geosynthetic Material Manufacture
Company Details:
Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Market:Worldwide
No. of Employees:20~50 People
Annual Sales:US$ $1,000,000 - US$ $3,000,000
Export p.c:40% - 50%
 Taian Dongyue Engineering Materials Co.,Ltd  is a large-scale waterproof material enterprise combined with research development and sales. It is a member under both of Chinese Technological Association on Geosynthetics and Architecural Association on waterproof materials.

We have been enjoying great reputation as prominent brand dealing in premium quality geosynthetic material since 2002


In the last decades we have come through several golden phases of success and development and today established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of products including geosynthetic clay liner, Geomembrane, Geotextile, Geogrid, Geocell, Erosion contro geomat, Drainage product. Our aim to provide the fastest service, high quality products in geosynthetic field .


 We adopt the first class equipments and employ the engineers with senior technical tiles and professional product staffs.Our products are widely used in  waste landfills, man-madelakes,rivers,dams, canals,subways, basements, roads railways,tunnals,etc


Main product introduction:

一、Geosynthetic Clay Liner(GCL): Mass of unit area 3000-6000g/㎡ , Width 2m—5.8m 。

二、Film coated geosynthetic clay liner:  Mass of unit area 3000-5500g/㎡ width,Width 2m—5.8m 

三、Geomembrane(HDPE,PE,PVC,LDPEgeomembrane): Thickness: 0.1—3mm, Width:1m-6m

四、Compound Geomembrane;Width:1m-6m

 One fabric and one film 100/0.1  200/0.3   300/0.4   300/0.5;

 two fabrics and one film 200/0.3/200   300/0.3/300 

 the unit mass weight and thickness of membrane can be made by customer request. 

五、Nonwoven geotextile(Short Fiber Needle Punched Geotextile,Filament needle punched geotextile ): Mass of unit area 100-1000g/㎡ , Width 1m—5.8m 

 The above waterproof geosynthetic material application :

 Landfill, reservoir,canal,sewage treatment, fish farm,shrimping farm, highway,railway,underground,man-made lake,etc.

 六:Woven geotextile  Mass of unit area 100—600g/㎡ 、Width 2m—7m。
七、Geogrid (Steel-plastic,Uniaxial, Biaxial,Fiberglass,Mine Use Steel Plastic geogrid) T20、T30×30、T50×50、T80、T100 etc。

八、Geocell Hight:50,75,100,150,200,250,300mm。 

九、Flexible Permeable Hose Diameter: 1.8,2.5,3,3.5,4.5mm。 

十、Geocomposite drain 

  Round:Ф(mm)50×30 、80×50 、100×60 、150 ×90、200×140

  Rectangular:3.5cm×7.0cm、3.5cm×1.2cm etc

十一、Plastic drainage sheet Height 0.8cm、1.2cm、1.6cm、2.0cm etc.

十二、Tri-dimension composite geonet for drainage  Mass of unit area :3000g-7000g,Width 2-4m。


    Contact us for more details. Catalogue& Free samples can be offered as you required.

    We're sure any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.   



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